Vision, Mission and Values:


Talking about this well-known trio, I always recall the command “ready-steady-go”.

Vision is the BEING, mission is the DOING, and finally values are the GOING part of life.

I strongly recommend my followers to have set their personal vision and mission statements along with their values, which would help in leading a good life.




Just like looking into the mirror and seeing yourself... Vision is your image in the mirror, and it is in your hands how good it could appear. It is only a reflection though... Therefore what it is given, gives it back. So, visualizing a big picture of life in my mind with the most of the lessons learned from the past, I have updated my vision statement right on the way, exactly at the time of the leadership coaching and management courses I took.


As the main purpose of life, my vision is to make the life more beautiful by enriching and empowering people both physically and mentally. For this reason, I seriously commit leaving my signature to the world.

I believe that a strong vision setter is absolutely much happier than anyone with no perception of life. At least I can personally say so, because I define the vision as the passion warming me up inside.

The last, but not the least, the importance of setting a personal vision emerges particularly when people are about to choose a new job. I believe that my personal vision should be overlapping the vision of the company I am, or will be working for. 


My vision feeds the mission I am carrying out. As a part of the picture in my mind, I consciously touch the people's lives gently to create highly aware, well-perceiving, well-performing, happy and successful individuals in every environment, both business and private, and by this way capitalize a collective benefit.

Because my Mission Statement is: 

"To forge with my personal strengths and skills the valuable teachings focusing on human, and to convey these as a legacy to the future generations in the taste of a masterpiece favoring a social benefit".




Having stated the vision and mission, one needs to reflect his or her character to the work. The best way of achieving this would be implementing the personal values in daily routine.

  • Self-esteem (openness, honesty, reliability/trustworthiness, humility, personal integrity)

  • Respect to people (sociability, equity, empathy, valuing their needs, helpfulness)

  • Diligence (inventiveness, simplicity, activity & efficiency, agility, curiosity, measurability, comparability, high-performance, follow up)

  • Responsibility (ownership, punctuality, continuity, favourability, frugality, satisfaction-focus)

  • Psychological richness (motivating, inspiring, initiating, challenging, rational and emotional equilibrium, having systemic perspective, sensitivity)


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storyteller sadun okyaltırık

Sadun Okyaltırık

August 14, 2020