What is the role of 'Overcoming' in opening a Gateway to Innovation?

The importance of breaking through mental patterns and reshaping our mind-sets.


Being a winner starts with overcoming ourselves. Well, what kind of relationship is there between being innovative and overcoming yourself? Why do we need to be a self-winner? Why do we need to overcome ourselves instead of overcoming a situation or a competitor?

First things first, we need to admit that our major competitor is inside us. I will explain why.

Either this way or that way, we all have patterns in our minds, which we have created by time with our experiences and habits. In contrast to the meaning of proactivity, we precondition ourselves against our future experiences. It is our experiences and habits which mostly determine our reactions against anything new, including people, happenings, developments, etc. The history is full of psychosocial experiments performed in this area. However, the precise approach cannot be determined by these mental patterns.

Basically there are two elements shaping up our lives, the first of which is innovation, and the second is the change. In fact, these two are nested concepts.

Can we stand against time? Of course we cannot. So, that means we can neither resist the novelties popping up in time. The changes which are under our control are the planned and programmed changes which we invite into our lives. Therefore, we would certainly be prepared for such changes. However, what if the changes are out of control? We are caught unprepared all of a sudden, with no plans, no schedules… For this reason, everyone may develop different reactions against uncontrolled changes taking place in their lives.

The world is becoming more and more digital each day, and the business world is changing too. Modern techniques using digital technologies (i.e. online training) commonly facilitate today’s business world. This way, almost all of us have the change to increase the level of our awareness and continuously become a learner about how to take control of our reactions against uncontrolled changes taking place in our lives. The reactions we develop in cases where we face an uncontrolled situation define our success in change management. The most critical challenge at this point is the obligation to overcome the patterns which we have seeded into our minds long ago. Having said that our habits and experiences determine our reactions in particular situations, these patterns generally force us much towards status quo during change periods. That is why we usually resist to the change, hence to the innovation.

However, leaders who are successful in change management have already broken out of these patterns in their minds. Therefore, we will certainly need to review and reshape our mind-sets, if we want to be successful in the change management. Reforming our mind-sets makes a positive difference inside us.

To keep the long story short, our mind-sets have a bridging effect in establishing the correlation between change and innovation. Reshaping our mind-sets – or in other words our patterns – determines the extent of our openness to the change, namely the degree of our inventiveness.

Sadun Okyaltırık


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