The Importance of Storytelling

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Cheer and happiness, disappointments, defeats, or glories we are proud of... All these moods create their own stories in our lives. If not all, many of us have stories which we like to share with others. Shouldn't we then say, it is nothing else but our stories giving clues about our personality?

An Effective Way of Persuasion

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to inform, enlighten, and influence others, say the experts. However the most significant is that the stories are the source of inspiration. There are countless resources telling about the critical importance stories may play in our daily interactions, but advisably please read the book "The Storyteller's Secret" by Carmine Gallo.

Storytellers Create the Difference

People with storytelling skills create a difference in today's business, and are widely preferred in corporate environments, as they have the ability to establish empathy and convince their team-mates about any ideas.

To be continued...


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